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We seamlessly integrate teams, tech and strategy in all of our solutions for exceptional results.


We offer comprehensive solutions to meet all your customer care requirements. Our team of highly skilled multilingual support agents is dedicated to delivering fast, efficient, and accurate service.

Software Development Solutions

With access to English-speaking developers skilled in all major programming languages, we meticulously match candidates based on their technical expertise and soft skills, ensuring the perfect fit for your company.

Business Operations
& Consulting

Scale your business’s growth while controlling costs with our customized outsourcing solutions.
From back-office tasks to knowledge processes, we provide the flexibility you need to optimize your operations.



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Thoughtful Automation

“The Functionary has proven to be an outstanding partner, continuously adapting to the ever-growing needs of our developer marketplace. Their dedicated team created a tailored training program specifically for our needs, enabling us to foster exceptional talent as we continue to expand our AI capabilities to digitally transform our customers’ businesses.”

Piper Tucker
Developer Relations Manager


“The Functionary has been the perfect match of customer service, technical strength, and flexibility the ENTOUCH team needs to keep up with our rapid growth.”

John Bailey
SVP, Operations


“With COVID-19 we were in a position to help the public but did not have a way to scale the business. The Functionary helped us build software in less than 30 days that let us serve millions of people in need. They were fast, agile, and a true partner in every sense of the word, ensuring our business was scaling up and down throughout the various surges. When we later needed people to help with customer support, they were able to support us with that part of our business as well. The Functionary is truly the best partner you can have for serving your customers.”

Andre Johnson
Chief Administrative Officer

New Leaf

“The Functionary is a game-changer for contact centers and technology-driven operations. Its advanced call routing and tracking capabilities ensure that every customer interaction is handled promptly and effectively. Additionally, the platform’s integration with technology systems empowers teams to swiftly troubleshoot and address technical issues, ultimately delivering exceptional customer experiences.”

RD Patel
Chief Financial Officer

Essential Lending

“We have been very pleased with our relationship with The Functionary and their ability to find highly qualified software developers for our teams, as well as supporting their professional development within our organization.”

Tommy Glenn

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