Case Study: COVID Support for a State Agency

May 20, 2021

What does customer service at scale even look like? Find out how The Functionary delivered fast results for a client in this case study.

The Client

When COVID-19 cases began to peak in the spring of 2020, a state agency needed a way to provide comprehensive assistance to citizens for COVID testing appointments and delivery of test results. They needed a partner that could help them scale customer support up down as the number of COVID cases increased and decreased.


  • The client needed a quick solution to achieve the significant volume of calls they were facing.
  • Due to the stress and urgency of the situation, many callers were understandably in an emotional state during their interactions with our agents.
  • Given the very nature of the service, the state required a HIPPA-certified support team.


  • With only 10 days to mobilize, The Functionary rapidly stood up the infrastructure, management systems, and processes required to fully support the client’s needs.
  • We trained our agents how to provide compassionate customer service for callers struggling with a combination of fear, uncertainty, and frustration.
  • We staffed a team that is HIPPA certified to ensure the protection of the sensitive personal health information of patients.


Through our customized offering of nearshore staff augmentation, The Functionary deployed 50 virtual assistance agents who handled an average of 41,900 calls per month.

With the compassionate customer service training along with strong knowledge of the client’s processes and policies, our agents were able to deliver top-notch service to help the client successfully aid patients during the most significant public health crisis of our generation.

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